About IsoKlean® Carolinas


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About IsoKlean®

Even the most laid-back among us have tried to step up our cleaning game recently: From sanitizing our groceries to wiping down surfaces to stashing bottles of hand sanitizer, the past few months have brought a new awareness to the importance of maintaining our safest, most lived in spaces — our homes, schools, offices, and businesses.

Unfortunately, based on all of the new information (and misinformation) that has come to light as a result of the recent pandemic, this heightened awareness has also left some of us wondering- even though we are being more diligent than ever to take all recommended precautions, is it enough to ensure the safety of friends and loved ones, employees, and the community as a whole? 

With so many questions, it has become clear that some things are best left to the experts.

Meet Our Experts

IsoKlean® Carolinas is a professional cleaning and disinfecting service that offers a patented and EPA-registered disinfectant system that spot kills both bacteria and viruses. Plus, independent testing has shown it is still working after 7 days!

Even better? While their service is now available for commercial and residential applications, the team has been servicing the area for years, with a specific focus on hospitals and surgery centers: Theirs is a well-established, hospital-grade disinfectant product with a team that already has years of experience.

Further distinguishing IsoKlean from the sea of unverified cleaning products and service providers springing up in recent months, The American Journal of Infection Control proved the five-day residual power of the chemical combination concept in recent peer review.


CEO Chas Rahauser and his crew are dedicated to creating the best cleaning experience possible, by developing innovative cleaning and disinfection products and delivery methods for a healthier, safer environment. With the well-timed launch of their EPA-registered ISO-10 disinfectant, IsoKlean is able to offer customers a unique product and method, from traditional mop and bucket applications to low volume spraying applications that cover all reachable surfaces.

Why Should You Consider Having Your Home or Office Cleaned By IsoKlean®?

Your home and all the touch surfaces within are a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses to live on. According to a National Institute of Health report, up to 80% of all diseases are transmitted through surface contamination. IsoKlean’s specially-formulated chemical mitigates you and your family’s risk by covering all reachable surface areas, including hard to reach spots, in just a few minutes giving you an extra level of protection.

On the commercial-side, now more than ever, a business being able to ensure their employees’ and customers’ well-being is paramount. It’s also important to instill consumer confidence, and a fully cleaned and disinfected store or business or office space helps with that greatly. Our team also provides cost-effective options for disinfecting things like cars and company equipment.

Is It Safe?

The spray needs only to sit for 15 minutes, and you’re good to go. The 15 minute dwell period allows the Iso-10 product the necessary time to penetrate and disrupt cell wall growth as it  begins attacking bacteria upon contact. There is no streaking effect on windows, mirrors, or glass. Upon re-entering your establishment, you will smell a clean fresh scent.

What to Expect

  • Secondary cleanings after the IsoKlean spray won’t impact the effect.

  • It’s extremely fast: The team can cover 5000 square feet in about 25 minutes.

  • The team will provide you a custom quote based on your square footage and particular needs.


Where Are IsoKlean’s Services Available

Based out of Charlotte, North Carolina, and founded in 2015, the IsoKlean of the Carolinas team exclusively covers North and South Carolina but able to expand outside of the Carolinas.

IsoKlean already services important businesses and gathering spaces in Charlotte, from members of OrthoCarolina, to Myers Park Country Club, to Edgewater Surgery Center and various restaurant spaces, like Laurel Market.