IsoKlean® + Athletic Facilities

One-Step Disinfecting System for Athletic Facilities

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The IsoKlean® system can disinfect a 600 square foot room in less than ONE MINUTE using our no-wipe system. Leaving no surface untouched!

IsoKlean is Non-Labor Intensive

Using IsoKlean® no longer requires the labor-intensive work of wiping and cleaning copious surfaces in hopes of not missing one spot. With IsoKlean®, all reachable surfaces are covered in under a minute, cleaning all those areas missed during traditional daily cleaning. Maintain an exceptional level of protection for your fitness facility.

Benefits of IsoKlean®

  • EPA Registered with chemical patent

  • Quick and easy to use

  • 2 for 1 product in that it spot kills plus leaves a 5 day residual that will keep your facility and equipment sterile (refer to the AJIC study attached.)

  • We can provide the service but can also train your normal cleaning staff to use, which saves substantial money

  • Our IsoKlean® chemical is non-harmful to all surfaces and does not require a wipe down afterwards

  • Only takes 15 minutes to set then your facility is ready to open and allow employees and customers back in
  • Isoklean chemical can cover work out equipment and leaves no area untreated with little to no waste
  • Extremely cost effective because of electrostatic delivery system and the 5 day residual meaning you only have to spray every 5-7 days
  • IsoKlean® is extremely safe and simple to apply

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